Tibet: A Proclamation

A man born of a flower in space
a man riding a stallion born by a barren mare
holding the reins of the turtle's hair
using a...

Tonga: A Social Poem

We sat chatting about Vavau Tua Lik;
Then the women spoke to us:
"Let's go look for Lik, to watch the sunset;
Let's listen to the...

Travel House 2014: Tbilisi

After Istanbul and Granada, our Travel House is moving to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. All travelers can stay there for free, between July 1 and...

Travel House 2015: Athens

It's The Travel Club's big annual project. We go to a country and rent a house, where travelers from all over the world can stay for free.

Travel House 2015: Αθήνα

Μετά την Κωνσταντινούπολη, τη Γρανάδα και την Τιφλίδα, το Travel House μετακομίζει στην Αθήνα, την πρωτεύουσα την Ελλάδας. Όλοι οι ταξιδιώτες...

Traveling With a Tent

If you're a shoestring traveler, accommodation might be the single most expensive item on your budget. A small, light tent can save you a lot of...

Western Mongolia: A Poem

I have a shade of thick fir-trees
at the foot of the high mountains.
The summer of distant plains,
come back to us one day! I have a...

Yoruba People: Shango

Shango is a death that kills money with a big stick
A lying man dies in his home
Shango hits a fool
The liar runs away as soon as...

Дом путешественника в Афинах 2015

После Стамбула, Гранады и Тбилиси, наш Дом Путешественника (Travel House) движется в Афины, столицу Греции. Все путешественники могут остаться там...