Travel School will be open from 15th of July until 15th of August 2016.

As you already know, previous years we had some problems in pursuit for the apartment for the Travel House. There were justified or unjustified reasons for refusing. However, this time pursuit was so easy thanks to our editor Nataša. Nataša lives and creates in Aveiro and she knows the local beat.

Nataša is living in Aveiro for almost eight years. Among all other things, she is in charge of Agora Averio – local organization that deals with very human things, human in non-fabricated sense and that is the foundation of the situation we have here – our landlord knows all the details about this year Travel School (lots of guests sleeping on the floor, dozens of workshops etc.).

We will pay 500€ for the rent, without utilities.

By chance or not, but maybe more with some interesting chance, our School in the Barro Liceu neighbourhood, which stands for “neighbourhood with grammar school”.
Our School has approximately 100m2. It’s located in the very ground floor of the four-floor brick façade building. From kind-of-terrace (which is not real terrace) you can see very picturesque streets which we use in our 10 minutes long walk to the city centre.

Our Travel School has one common area with dining room, one kitchen, two bathrooms and for big bedrooms. Each room has usual things like: one or two wardrobes, working desk, night stand, and some of them have also – beds.
In the kitchen we all the necessary things. One refrigerator, stove, a pile of cutlery, also pane and casserole in all sizes and shapes. As opposed to the previous years and apartments, this one, in its very beginning, has a certain level.

Aveiro is The Venice of Portugal, maybe because of moliceiros that navigate through the canals of the city. Aveiro is not a big city, like previous ones where we held The Travel House, population is around 100 thousands. Full of colors this great city would be a remedy for your eyes! Atlantic Ocean is very near – 10km from the Aveiro and thanks to its winds there’s no big heat and humidity in the city so – long strolls in the middle of the summer are more than possible.
If, for any reason, you want to ride a bicycle – it’s so possible because in Aveiro there is a kiosk where you can rent a bike for free. They will only ask you for your ID, nothing else. The only thing that you should do is to give the safe and sound bicycle until 6.30 p.m. at the same day. It is forbidden using bicycle to go on beach BUT, that ban is tacitly approved.

The prices are, for example: café latte is 1€ on the main square, espresso is 0.70€, loaf of bread is 0.80€, train ticket to the Porto is 3.40€.
All the applicants will get the email with all the instruction how to get to the Travel School. All the rules are the same like previous years, so we ask you kindly to read them carefully and remember them.

That’s all folks. We have no words to say any more but to say one sincerely – have a safe trip! Still we have some vacant places, so you can apply.
See you in Aveiro!