There will be a Travel School this summer! There will be! This year, we're spending the summer in the Baltics, enjoying the spring temperatures and avoiding summer. Join us in Liepaja and explore the not-so-explored Baltics.

Liepaja is known as the city of wind, there are sandy beaches nearby, and the city itself hosts two music festivals, Summer Sound and Fountaine Rock Festival. The whole Baltics is a home to many festivals, workshops and various events and we will publish a list of those you can't miss as soon as our spies in Liepaja despatch their coded message.

The Travel School will be open to travellers from 15th of July to 15th of August and besides accommodation and socialising, it will offer its guests dozens of different workshops, of which the majority will be in the broadest sense related to travelling - from how to reconcile travelling and professional life, to how not to die of hunger if you find yourself in the middle of the woods on an unknown continent.

The exact schedule of workshops and other events will be published soon, when we will start to receive your requests for the stay. To ensure the quality of workshops and life in School in general (which is also the House), we will accept ten guests for the night, for a maximum of three nights. The main criteria for accepting guests will be your participation in a minimum of one workshop, as well as a good level of English language. The latter is necessary because it will be the language of the workshops. House rules will be similar as in the previous Travel Houses.

The workshops will be similar to the ones we had last year. If you want to know what to expect, check out the list of last year's workshops at the bottom of this link. Apart from workshops, we'll have activities to wake up our bodies every morning (meditation, breathing excercising, capoeira, hatha, ashtanga, acro, and maybe even aerial yoga and silk dance, if we get the silk). In the evening you can expect socialising in various forms (movie nights, board games, decyphering everything that's not Roman alphabet, world music).

For all of this to be possible, the Travel Club partnered up with the coolest local organisation in Liepaja: Radi Vidi Pats. They are helping us with all the logistics, and not only that, they will include their EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers to help with development of workshops. In total, there will be five EVS volunteers; 3 of them will stay for the duration of TS project, and another 2 are long terms volunteers that are already in Latvia. 

Okay, you have convinced me, where do I sign up?

Application form will be available soon. We ask for a firm conviction from all the accepted that they will actually come to the School. This year we will, unlike in the previous ones, probably have to turn down a lot of people. The form asks you for motivation just to make sure you don't fill out the application form just like that.

What about the money, donations?

We will not create an Indiegogo campaign, we will not harass you to donate to the project, we know ourselves that these things are not so popular and don't suit many people.

We hope that we'll manage to collect all the money we need in the donation box that we'll place in the School. Of course, as always, donations are not a requirement to stay in the School. On the other hand, whoever wants to is more than welcome to donate to our organisation :) This can be done through Paypal: