After four years of the Travel House, the time has come to change the concept. Join us in the Travel School in Aveiro, on the Atlantic coast in Portugal, an hour from Porto.

Wait a minute, what Travel School, I want to go to the Travel House?

Many of you asked us "what will happen to the house" this year. We ourselves were not sure what to do. At the same time we wanted to continue with the Travel House project, but also we wanted to offer something more than free accommodation on the floor. We realised that after four years, our House has "grown" a little and it has changed, it got more serious. Or at least, that's what happened to those who were mainly in charge of the project. In the end, between the option of not having a House and the option of creating something new, we opted for the latter.

We started four years ago on the eastern edge of Europe, in Istanbul, and now we reached the far west of the continent. The School will be located in Aveiro, a town ten kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean. It will be open to travellers from 15th of July to 15th of August and besides accommodation and socialising, it will offer its guests dozens of different workshops, of which the majority will be in the broadest sense related to travelling - from how to reconcile travelling and professional life, to how not to die of hunger if you find yourself in the middle of the woods on an unknown continent.

We are still in the development phase of the project, but we are breaking the wall of silence so at least you know what the plan is. The exact schedule of workshops and other events will be published soon, when we will start to receive your requests for the stay. To ensure the quality of workshops and life in School in general (which is also the House), we will accept ten guests for the night, for a maximum of three nights. The main criteria for accepting guests will be your participation in a minimum of one workshop, as well as a good level of English language. The latter is necessary because it will be the language of the workshops. House rules will be similar as in the previous Travel Houses.

Why Aveiro?

Aveiro is peaceful and colourful town with interesting history and traditions and it is located some ten kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean and beaches such as Costa Nova, Barra and Vageira. In addition, it is located near Porto, where the local train can take you every hour, for only € 3.40. Also, Coimbra is near, Lisbon is a bit farther, and nature of the Aveiro district is a great (Passadiços do Paiva, Busaco national forest, natural park Dunes St. Jacinta...)

Also, one of the Travel Club's editors, Nataša, lives in Aveiro. She will be one of the hosts of this year. In addition to taking care of their organization and carrying out useful projects, she found time to carry out this idea as well. With the huge local support she has, we believe that we will make high-quality workshops!

We are aware that ticket prices to this location are not the cheapest. Google has a good tool for searching flights. Find the airport that suits you, and search for flights to Porto (possibly Lisbon) over Of course, you probably can dig up some other combination with a little ingenuity.

Okay, you have convinced me, where do I sign up?

Application forms is already available on this link. We ask for a firm conviction from all the accepted that they will actually come to the School. This year we will, unlike in the previous ones, probably have to turn down a lot of people. The form asks you for motivation just to make sure you don't fill out the application form just like that.

What about the money, donations?

We will not create an Indiegogo campaign, we will not harass you to donate to the project, we know ourselves that these things are not so popular and don't suit many people.

We hope that we'll manage to collect all the money we need in the donation box that we'll place in the School. Of course, as always, donations are not a requirement to stay in the School. On the other hand, whoever wants to is more than welcome to donate to our organisation :) This can be done through Paypal:

But, but ...

We understand. Travel Club is an organisation 100% based on voluntary work. Although we would like to offer both, reality is one thing, and our wishes another. Lately, we haven't been publishing much content because in parallel we are preparing another project, some of us have moved away, others have less and less time, so that when it's all added up, our already limited resources are stretched to the maximum. Nevertheless, we are not giving up, just changing things a little bit :) We hope we still have your support!