Travel Dictionary

On our travels, we have often found ourselves in situations where a couple of words would have made a great difference - if only we had known them! Even knowing to say nothing more than "yes", "no", "hello", "goodbye" and "thank you" can go a long way in facilitating communication, and make the locals view you in a different light.

That is why we called upon the members of The Travel Club community to join their forces and produce a series of simple travel phrasebooks, suited to the needs of independent travelers and hitchhikers. All our travel dictionaries are free, and can be downloaded from this page. You'll need two sheets of paper to print it out, and a stapler. You'll find the printing instructions inside the dictionary, on page 13. 

Travel Dictionary was created in the early 2000s, before the era of smartphones, translation apps and omnipresent Internet connection. Nowadays, there are apps that can do everything a paper-based travel dictionary can do, and much more. Nevertheless, if for any reason you prefer to have a printed phrasebook in your back pocket, feel free to download it and use it. Despite all the disadvantages it might have, at least you can be sure it will never break down, get stolen or run out of battery.