Travel House

travel house

The Travel House was a project we carried out from 2012 till 2015. Using the money we gathered from donations, we rented an apartment somewhere in the world, where we established a temporary travel base for exploring the region, open for two months. Staying in the house was free for everyone, and some basic necessities were also provided – such as detergent, soap, toilet paper, cooking oil, flour etc. The goal of the Travel House project was to provide a global meeting point for independent travelers, and thus be a small step towards building a global travel culture – a culture of solidarity and understanding of this planet we all share. 

In 2012 the Travel House was in Istanbul, Turkey (July and August)
In 2013 it was in Granada, Spain (August and September)
In 2014 it was in Tbilisi, Georgia (July and August)
In 2015 it was in Athens, Greece (July and August)

Combined, the Travel House has provided free accommodation to 1000+ travelers

After 2015, the Travel House evolved into the Travel School. The accommodation space in the Travel School is smaller and thus limited (up to 10 people per night), and there are free daily workshops about travel, photography, writing, arts, yoga, music and so on. Anyone interested in sharing their knowledge for free is welcome to do a workshop in the Travel School. The duration of the Travel School project is one month every summer.

In 2016 the Travel School was in Aveiro, Portugal.
In 2017 the Travel School was in Liepaja, Latvia.

Use the links below to get familiar with the concept and atmosphere of the Travel House/Travel School projects.


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