Angola: How to Test a Friend

To make sure your friend is a true friend,
you have to go with him,
to travel with him night and day,
travel with him near and...

Eskimo Poem: Heaven and Hell

When we finally die,
we know so little about what happens later.
But people who dream
They often see the dead as they appear

Eskimo Poem: The Invisible Men

There is a tribe of invisible men
who move around us like shadows - have you felt them?
They have bodies like ours and live just like...

Eskimos: Hunger

You, stranger, you who see us only happy and carefree
If only you knew the horrors we often had to endure
you would understand our love...

Ewe People: The Sky

At night, the sky is like a big city
inhabited by many animals and humans
but never has anyone there
killed a chicken or a goat...

Maori: The Creation

* From conception came growth.
From the growth, thriving.
From thriving, exuberant thought.
From the thoughts, memory.
From the...

Passamaquoddy Indians: Stars

Because we are stars. Because we sing. Because we sing with light. Because we are birds that give birth to flames. Because we spread our wings...

Santal People: Miscarriage

Like a bone
looked the first-born child
the white ants ate it
oh my love, don't cry
don't grieve
the two of us are here...

Tibet: A Proclamation

A man born of a flower in space
a man riding a stallion born by a barren mare
holding the reins of the turtle's hair
using a...

Tonga: A Social Poem

We sat chatting about Vavau Tua Lik;
Then the women spoke to us:
"Let's go look for Lik, to watch the sunset;
Let's listen to the...

Western Mongolia: A Poem

I have a shade of thick fir-trees
at the foot of the high mountains.
The summer of distant plains,
come back to us one day! I have a...

Yoruba People: Shango

Shango is a death that kills money with a big stick
A lying man dies in his home
Shango hits a fool
The liar runs away as soon as...