Angola: How to Test a Friend

To make sure your friend is a true friend,
you have to go with him,
to travel with him night and day,
travel with him near and...

Eskimo Poem: Heaven and Hell

When we finally die,
we know so little about what happens later.
But people who dream
They often see the dead as they appear

Eskimo Poem: The Invisible Men

There is a tribe of invisible men
who move around us like shadows - have you felt them?
They have bodies like ours and live just like...

Eskimo poetry: Spring

The book "Eskimo Poetry" was published in 1961 by the Bagdala publishing house from Kruševac, Yugoslavia, as part of the edition entitled "A Little...

Eskimos: Hunger

You, stranger, you who see us only happy and carefree
If only you knew the horrors we often had to endure
you would understand our love...

Ewe People: The Sky

At night, the sky is like a big city
inhabited by many animals and humans
but never has anyone there
killed a chicken or a goat...

Lapland: A Herd of Reindeer

A herd of reindeer in the Varanger Peninsula
runs over rocks and stone heights.
Beautiful beasts claw their hooves
on the tops of the...

Maori: The Creation

* From conception came growth.
From the growth, thriving.
From thriving, exuberant thought.
From the thoughts, memory.
From the...

Nanao Sakaki, the Walking Poet

Who was Nanao Sakaki? More than a decade after his death, that question is not easy to answer – mostly because he was a little bit of everything,...

Passamaquoddy Indians: Stars

Because we are stars. Because we sing. Because we sing with light. Because we are birds that give birth to flames. Because we spread our wings...

Santal People: Miscarriage

Like a bone
looked the first-born child
the white ants ate it
oh my love, don't cry
don't grieve
the two of us are here...

The Journey

Above the mountains
the geese turn into
the light again Painting their
black silhouettes
on an open sky. Sometimes...

The Lost Generation

I am part of a lost generation.
And I refuse to believe that
I can change the world.
I realize this may be a shock, but...

The Mystical Poetry of Yunus Emre

The gradual disintegration of the Byzantine Empire enabled the Mongol attacks in the thirteenth century to threaten the population of Asia Minor...