We've launched a campaign on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Check it out. There's a new video as well. We made it on the roof of the Worker's University, a burned-down building in central Novi Sad, Serbia. It was February, rainy and windy, and we stood on the roof covered in slippery sheet metal and full of graffiti, looking like those Japanese snow monkeys, what are they callled? Macaque? We covered the video-camera with a plastic bag. We covered the offensive graffiti with our backs. Mount Fruška Gora was looming somewhere in the distance.


Just before we finished filming, a group of footbal fans arrived to the roof. I mean, I guess they were footbal fans, they had the scarfs and the hats and all the other stuff that they usually have. We asked them to wait. Only ten minutes. They told us we were crazy. Does it have to be today? It does. What can you do. We couldn't do it on another day. In the rain? In the rain. It will look more natural. On a sunny day it might seem that we don't really need the money. 

And we do need it.

Otherwise - nothing.

So, friends, if you like our ideas, please share the Indiegogo link with your friends from all over the world. Share it on forums, in comments, on social networks and in pubs. It's not just about the Travel House and Tbilisi, nor is it about independent travel; it's about developing a culture of hospitality, solidarity and deeper understanding of the planet we all share together.

That's it. If the footbal fans from the roof of the Worker's University got it and let us finish our filming in peace, that probably means it's worth it after all :)