We all know at least something about the Land of the Rising Sun. Images of Tokyo's skyscrapers, crowds on enormous crosswalks, the entertainment industry, images of accurate and fast trains probably first come to mind when we hear the word 'Japan'. And rightly so. All the images mentioned above correspond to the real phenomena. However, Japan is much, but really, much more than that: tradition that is cherished jealously and kept in everything but poor condition, nature that dazzles you the minute you leave Tokyo and doesn't stop to surprise you with its unique appearance and untouched wilderness, technologically advanced cities and infrastructure. All of this exists in tandem and pulsates together with over 120 million Japanese people on a surface somewhat bigger than Germany. Melange of old and new, East and West. Japanese culture and Japan itself can be, therefore, considered a true, inimitable and absolutely riveting experiment.

Let the photographs in this gallery, at least partly, bring you closer to knowing, and maybe even participating in the making of the project called Japan.