After nine years of existence, Serbia Travel Club has changed its name to The Travel Club. In 2005, when we founded the organization, we were young and naive enough to believe that including the name of the country where it all started would lend us some authority and legitimacy when applying for funding; we were wrong. All it ever did was limit us geographically within national boundaries – paradoxically, the very thing we are fighting against.

We have also changed the logo of the organization; the worn-out shoe on a traffic sign has been replaced with a black circle with an arrow inside, meant to symbolize Brownian motion all around the planet.

The website was outdated and not very functional, so our developers have built a new one from scratch. 

As for the changes of concept, we have realized, over the years, that traveling is not only a tool for understanding the world, but should also be treated as a tool for changing it, an act of wider social significance. Now we are focused less on traveling itself, and more on travel writing, publishing, lecturing, organizing Travel Houses and other projects that the global travel community (and, by extension, the community of human beings) can benefit from.

Unfortunately, 99% of all the contents of our website are still only in Serbo-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrin language, but once all the important technical things have been completed, we will focus our attention on building up English section.