The first Travel House took place last year, in 2012. With your donations, we rented an apartment in Istanbul, where everyone could stay for free. A total of 224 travelers used the Travel House in two months.

This summer, the Travel House will be in Granada, Andalucia, Southern Spain. Its door will be open from August 1st till October 1st 2013.

travel house istanbul

Granada is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The famous Alhambra is located there. The seaside is an hour's bus drive. Right next to the city is Sierra Nevada (rising 3,478 m above sea level). Not far from Granada there’s the Cabo de Gata-Nijar national park, Tabernas desert, cities of Cordoba and Seville, as well as other interesting spots.

Granada is a good base for exploring Spain and Portugal, as well as Morocco and Algeria, to which there are ferries from nearby towns.

As always, staying in the Travel House will be free. All you need is a sleeping bag and a mat. Cooking will be possible in the house. You will have a chance to meet other travelers, exchange stories and experiences, browse through maps and guidebooks, get fresh travel info and find travel companions for the rest of your trip.

As The Travel Club has a modest budget, this year's Travel House will once again be funded by your donations.

It doesn't matter whether you have money to donate for the project, nor does it matter whether you'll be using the House or not. What matters is that we all make something good together.

The names of all backers can be seen at the bottom of this page. We believe that those who made one great idea possible should by no means be anonymous.

Each backer will receive a gift from the Travel Club if they visit the Travel House. The gift is symbolic and depends on the amount donated.

You can donate money via Paypal:



Q: How much money do we need for this?
A: It would be ideal to collect at least 900 euros.

Q: How much should I donate?
A: As much as you feel like :)

Q: When should I donate?
A: ASAP. Now. The sooner we know what our budget is, the easier it will be for us to plan everything out.

Q: Will I be able to track how much money has been collected?
A: Yes. There's an indicator in the banner.

Q: Should I register before coming?
A: Yes. We expect a lot of people. It is absolutely necessary that we know who is coming when, and for how long. The registration form will be published soon.

Q: How can I stay updated on the project?
A: The updates will be regularly published here on the website, as well as on our Facebook page.

Q: How long can I stay in the house?
A: You can stay up to five nights


Granada (Wikipedia)

The list of all who have donated for the Travel House 2013:

Vojislav Jovanović 53 €
Miloš Prelević 50 €
Duško Petrović 50 €
Ivan Dervišević 50 €
Slobodan Rudić 50 €
Sead Sulica 50 €
Slobodan Kovrlija 50 €
Bojana Begović 40 €
Ružica Rakić 30 €
Marta Csik 30 €
Jugoslav Dujić 30 €
Mario Janković Romano 30 €
Bojana Stojanovska 30 €
Dragan Latinović 30 €
Tijana Šukilović 26 €
Vladimir Bojović 26 €
Braniša Perić 20 €
Zoran Gligorić Mocart 20 €
Sanja Popović 20 €
Marijana Babić 20 €
Jelena Ivšić 18 €
Lidija Levkov 18 €
Ana Brajović 18 €
Dejan Ačanski 18 €
Aneta Stevanović 15 €
Csaba Galyo 15 €
Aleksandar Ranisavljević 13 €
Dragica Jovišević 13 €
Biljana Dević 13 €
Filip Radulović 10 €
Jelena Ristić 10 €
Nenad Prodanović 10 €
Milan i Dragan Tomić 10 €
Miloš Miletić 10 €
Bonnie Chan 10 €
Tibor Miglinci 10 €
Andrea Borsos 10 €
Jelena Arambašić 10 €
Jelka Milisavljević 10 €
Milena Kovinić 10 €
Snežana Radojičić 10 €
Ana Milenković 10 €
Stevan Čokić 10 €
Jelena Bakušić 10 €
Milan Mijatović 10 €
Lapina Tonja 10 €
Nenad Andrić 10 €
Boris Bokonjić 10 €
Vuk Čomić 10 €
Sonja i Ivan Mistrik 10 €
Nenad Jovanović 10 €
Dragana Zec 8 €
Tanja Petrov 8 €
Igor Stojnov 8 €
Marko Čumić 8 €
Milica Vujačić 8 €
Klara Vukov 7 €
Zoran Đukić 5 €
Vladimir Denda 5 €
Ivana Lisica 5 €
Srđan Ristić 5 €
Milan Veruović 5 €
Alica Širanović 5 €
Stanimir Perišić 5 €
Dejan Pešić 5 €
Emil Ranc 5 €
Miljan Rajković 4 €
Roy Cohen 2 €