It’s been exactly 10 days since we opened first Travel School in Aveiro, unofficial 5th Travel House. So far we had 10 workshops and we hosted 20 “pupils” from 14 countries. Guests were from Balkans, Germany, Scotland, France, Spain, Romania, also USA/Brazil and even from New Zealand. In the first batch we had 8 “rookies“ during the summer festival in Aveiro, so we all together went to the concerts after workshops and dinner we’ve made a few night outs in a row and the squad was in a great spirit so even a WhatsApp group is made “Travel School Besties”. Nevertheless, in order to respect the school rules, the evening is quiet and we all together maintain cleanliness.

The thing that is different this year is that we implemented everyday workshops – conducted by our volunteers Jovana, Osta, Marko and Tibor, we also accept less guests (up to 12 per night) and above all - the landlord knows everything about the School and workshops so we are not afraid of being kicked out (like two years ago in Georgia). This year we protected the walls with nylon to avoid paying for the painting like in Granada.

Our workshops are very well received by our guests as well as locals who daily come to them. So far we had 60 participants. Workshops take place every day in the Travel School but also we have plans to move some outside. Besides that, every weekend Osta takes people through the streets of Aveiro, during his “Free walking” tours. On second day, Jovana and Tibor conducted travelogue workshop (Travel writing) and all the guest-travelers were present. During that workshop one of our favourite travel stories “Requiem for a backpack” has been read by all the participants and they loved it, like we do. Workshop about creative cartography brought us very interesting personal maps of Aveiro, made by our guests. In the end of the Travel School we will have little exhibition of all works made by our guests. During the workshop about Slavic countries and Cyrillic alphabet it was pretty interesting watching our travellers how they read and write Cyrillic alphabet for the first time. Our workshops will be continued in the same rhythm and spirit until the very end of the School.

The Travel School once again showed how the world is small and how this project connects people all around the world. Julia, one of the first travellers met our future traveller on their Camino to Santiago. After that, Jamie, from Scotland who came by bicycle, on the 50th km from Aveiro he met Aranu our bicycle-traveller from Spain that has just left our School on that day. More interesting thing happened in Porto where our ex-traveller Joe from New Zealand stayed in the same hostel as our new traveller Ben from France.

According to our estimates, to pay all bills, rent and household supplies, we will need 960 euros. So far we collected 114 euros. Besides donations that are collected in the School, you can donate and help via PayPal.

August 11th is unofficial The School Day – at that day we expect the highest number of guests. We have some free spaces so still you can apply.

Sunny greets and see you in Aveiro! ☼♫