The locals call it 'El Chepe', and it is the only passenger train in Mexico, also known for its route that goes through the Copper Canyon, which is larger and deeper than the well known Grand Canyon carved by the Colorado river in Arizona. Although this is one of the main reasons for tourists to take this train, it actually doesn't leave enough time to truly enjoy the canyon since the train stops for only 15-20 minutes, which is enough time to take a few quick photographs and buy souvenirs sold by members of the local tribes.

The official information states that it takes 16 hours to reach the last station, but perhaps it's not surprising that it took us much longer. During the day it would be too hot, but as it was only the beginning of January and there were snowstorms in Europe, I couldn't really complain. After the sunset, the temperature would drop rapidly, making the last stage of the ride uncomfortably cold. However, those drastic changes in temperature inside the train couldn't stop me from enjoying the landscape we were passing by. During those 650 km, the train passes over 36 bridges and through 87 tunnels of beautiful landscapes that include dense forests, cliffs and waterfalls.