Serbia Travel Club, temporarily based in Istanbul, invites you to take part in the free workshop for everyone who likes to draw, aptly named

Blind Cartographers

where you will learn how to draw maps to express your ideas and feelings, map out information, convey messages or tell stories.

The workshop will take place in Istanbul, from August 25th to 27th. Participation is free.

The concept of the blind cartographer is a controversial one, implying a number of complex symbolic levels most of which are not understood even by its authors. Think of an inadequatly equiped being tentatively moving through uncharted territories, touching and tasting and testing everything while trying to build their own map to guide them through life.

What would these maps look like? Of what use would they be? Is it a responsible thing to let a blind cartographer go around and make maps in the first place? Is it better to use ready-made maps, or create personal ones that won’t bore you stiff?

We want you to draw an irresponsible map. A map that is maybe slightly useless, except for yourself. A map that may not show you the right way, but will help you get the most out of being lost.

Map out your favorite or most hated Istanbul neighbourhood, memorable, important or simply weird spots, your daily commute, secret shortcuts, or the crosswinds of scents and smells in hidden alleyways. Then pass these maps on to others. Or don’t.

How will this happen?

We will teach you basic map-making techniques and give you a chance to bend your brain a little. You’ll be given practical lessons in mapmakery that best suits your personal needs for the thing you want to show or create. You will make some mapmaking friends and, together with them, get a chance to discover and map out your personal version of Istanbul while exploring it on foot with the help of a GPS device.

Where will this happen?

Serbia Travel Club, an association of independent, explorative and creative travelers is currently doing a project called “The Travel House” in Istanbul. It is a large rented apartment where all travelers can stay for free and exchange stories and experiences. Theoretical part of the workshop will take place in the Travel House (Besiktas area) while the practical part will be carried out in the streets of Istanbul.

Practical info

The workshop will take place in central Istanbul over the course of three days, from Saturday the 25th until Monday the 27th. On Saturday and Sunday we’ll work from 10 AM till around 9.00 PM, and on Monday we just want to see you in the evening. You’ll be working with professional illustrators who are smart, well-traveled, good-looking and reasonably friendly, and speak excellent English.

You’ll get a nice certificate in the end that proves that you attended the workshop and all that!

Steps to be taken

Send us an e-mai to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling us who you are, what you do and why you’d like to participate in the workshop. As simple as that! We promise to read it and deliver a swift reply.

Participation in the workshop is free! The only things you need are enthusiasm and good will.

If you don’t live in Istanbul, you can sleep in the Travel House.

map of Africa by Uros