Dear friends, hikers, travelers,

Serbia Travel Club invites you to the Seventh Annual Night Hiking. We're going to Beljanica mountain in Eastern Serbia, on Saturday, May 26. 

We'll arrive at the foot of the mountain early in the afternoon, set the camp there and hang around until after midnight, when we'll start the ascent. No special equipment is needed, and you don't have to be in perfect shape - most of the hikers you'll meet get a nervous breakdown when they find out the elevator's not working. Just make sure to bring some warm clothes (it can get chilly just before the dawn) and a flashlight (it can get dark in the woods during the night). It's a good idea to have a sleeping bag and a tent, but it's not a necessity - if you don't have one please let us know, and we'll find you a bag and a place in the tent.

night hiking serbia

The meeting point is just in front of the main entrance of the Belgrade Train Station, on Saturday, May 26 at 07.30 AM. Just look for the crowd with camping gear and that will most likely be us.

In case you want to come to Beljanica mountain by your own transportation, call Marko at 063/379-366 if you get lost.

We're using this opportunity to remind you that Serbia Travel Club is carrying out a project named "Istanbul Travel House" this year, and we're still collecting donations. A donation can be symbolic, and each person who donates will receive a special gift. So if you're planning to make a donation for the Travel House, let us know in advance so we can bring your gifts.

If you'd like to come, please tell us so by writing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - also to be used for any additional questions.

See you at the mountain!
Serbia Travel Club