Lectures titled "Culture of Independent Travel" were held in late February 2012, in Belgrade and Pancevo. In Belgrade it was in the College of Tourismology, and in Pancevo in Studio 21.

The lectures were carried out in cooperation with the Russian organization called Academy of Free Travels (Академия  Вольных Путешествий), whose founder and president, Anton Krotov, was our guest. Together with him, two lecturers from the Serbia Travel Club - Uros Krcadinac and Lazar Pascanovic - talked about the essence of independent travel, its importance and different approaches and techniques, illustrated by a number of worldwide travels.

Both lectures had a great turnout. In Pancevo we had an audience of 60, and in Belgrade of 150 visitors.

Each lecture lasted for one hour. We have made a 16-minute collection of excerpts and translated them into English. After hitting "Play", don't forget to hit "CC" for English subtitles.