Fantast Castle

Fantast Castle is located near the town of Becej, and was built by the landowner Bogdan Dundjerski, as his summer house.

The castle has one tall square tower with a magnificent view over the plains, as well as a few smaller cylindrical towers.

Fantast Castle is surrounded by a huge park, with a church, active stables with a horse farm and some utility buildings.

Of all the castles in Vojvodina, Fantast is definitely the most impressive and the most famous.

Fantast Castle today functions as a hotel, but you are free to enter and explore the main building as well as the park, climb to the tower or look at the horses. There is also a restaurant where you can have a drink, lunch etc.


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Getting to Fantast

Fantast Castle is located on the 12th km of the road Becej - Backa Topola.

You can get to Becej by direct bus line from Novi Sad (ten buses per day, between 08:50 and 21:00), and from Becej to the Fantast Castle you have to use your own transportation, take a taxi, walk or hitchhike, since there is no regular public transport.

There are ten daily buses from Novi Sad to Becej, except on weekends, when they don’t go that often.

Even though there is no public transport to the castle, this road is pretty busy and good for hitchhiking. When in Becej, take the road going to Backa Topola, walk untill you've exited the town and hitchhike there.

Another option is to take a bus from Becej to Backa Topola, and tell the driver to drop you off at the Fantast Castle. The castle itself is not on the main road, so you'll have to walk for another 15 minutes. The view from the road is obscured by the park, so don't expect to see the main building from afar.

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What to see in Fantast?

Fantast Castle is an impressive whitewashed building, with one big square tower and a few smaller, cylindrical towers on the corners. fantastThe interior is beautiful, and there is a wine cellar in the basement where, from time to time, you can listen to tamburitza players.

In the park surrounding the main structure you will find the small Church of St George, built at the same time as the castle, its interior painted by Uros Predic, famous Serbian baroque painter. It is said that the painting of Virgin Mary has the face of Mara Dinjacki, the woman Dundjerski was in love with. Inside the complex there is also a mausoleum where the owners of the castle were buried. The park with the lake surrounds the castle, but last time we were there there was no water.

The horse lovers will be interested to know that there is a horse breeding farm with 80 horses and a training track just next to the castle. A little ostrich farm can be seen in the park, as well as a yellow building where the cinema "Bratstvo i jedinstvo" (Fraternity & Unity) once operated. You'll know the building by the red star on its front wall.

A guided tour around the castle costs 1€ per person.


Accommodation in Fantast

Since Fantast Castle today operates as a hotel, it is possible to find regular hotel-type accommodation there.

As for the lodging costs, check out the Fantast Castle official website.