How to say in Serbian that you need a cyber cafe, or a post office? How to ask about the price or complain that something is too expensive? How to get a SIM card for your mobile phone, buy a ticket or understand when asked about your visa?


English Serbian Audio
money novac
free besplatno
cheap jeftino
expensive skupo
cheaper jeftinije
the cheapest najjeftinije
how much is it? koliko košta?
exchange office menjačnica
bank banka
cash machine bankomat
discount popust
change kusur
I have no money nemam novca


English Serbian Audio
Internet internet
cyber cafe internet kafe
telephone telefon
mobile phone mobilni
sim card sim kartica
phone card halo kartica
post office pošta


English Serbian Audio
passport pasoš
visa viza
stamp pečat
ticket karta