Learn how to say in Serbian anything related to moving around, from finding the right road or gas station to telling someone to stop or wait. Learn how to explain that you're hitchhiking or that you want the cheapest ticket.


English Serbian Audio
journey, trip putovanje
hitchhiking autostop
train voz
bus autobus
car automobil
taxi taksi
airplane avion
on foot peške
metro metro
station stanica
bus station bus. stanica
train station žel. stanica
airport aerodrom
ticket karta
the cheapest ticket najjeftinija karta
road put
the road to... put za...
highway autoput
crossroads raskrsnica
paytoll, toll ramp naplatna rampa
gass station benzinsk. pumpa
interchange petlja
leave poći
arrive stići
wait! čekaj(te)!
stop! stani(te)!
map mapa